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How to find partner through online dating?

Some people ask me about online dating and there are many people online there and which one to chose and then dating in the real world and it doesn’t work out. It’s totally a surprise to know someone online and then by face to face in real world.

I am not saying that online dating doesn’t work it all because it does. You just have to approach it correctly and safely. I think what happens is you message backing and forth and each one of you edit what you goanna say? I mean people could spend hours. They know even exactly how talk and make themselves great. And you both do that and then you have this edited version of yourself. So by the time you really meet the person, that person isn’t anywhere close to who you thought they were.

Come up with the fact that the pictures were probably ten years old and then you say why this? So this is what you need to stop sending to many messages back and forth. Forget him/her for a while, safely place four lunches. The reason I say much is because lunch is an hour and you just get out from there.

The thing about online dating is when you meet online, you don’t know anything about each other, nothing, you are strangers, and you may not be even in the same city. You got the long distance, a lot of obstacles not saying that you can’t overcome. But when you meet in the physical world, you probably have something in common or someone in common. You probably know the same people either through work or school. You have the bases but when you meet online, you start from scratch, you don’t know anything and that can be really exciting, it really can’t be.

First thing matters, how you meet this person. You got to gate whether they will ever have your back. I mean if you spend the entire hour talking about the other person and they don’t ask one single thing about you, then run – run and run. I don’t care how you met because they don’t care about you and they never goanna care about you. That’s the biggest task right there. You need ti ask questions to bring them out, it’s better if you share the same values. I have already mentioned that you have to ask, where did you grow up that is a loaded question but good loaded because there are so many thing you can drawn from that. And you go all in different directions like you grow up in such and such place and I know so and so about that place, I love that. Then you can find how many siblings she/he has. Did you live with your parents, sibling or grandparents? Are your parents still together? There is a lot you can find out. Slowly start open up and make dates as many you can in public places for lunch before you graduate on to evening date. And remember don’t give up and be very careful.

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